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How To Use Mailchimp Groups

In this article, you’ll learn how audience groups help you organize your Contact Form 7 subscribers in Mailchimp.

If you don’t need to let your contacts categorize themselves, and you’re looking for a way to organize contacts internally, follow these steps:

1 – Generate your Groups category and Group names inside

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MailChimp Opt-in Checkbox

The Opt-in Checkbox feature was added to Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension so you can give your visitors the option to opt-in / opt-out to subscribe to your mailing list(s).

Using the Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension Opt-in Checkbox feature, is super simple. Take a look a the screenshots below:

To generate a form such as this one below:

Subscribe me your newsletter

Configure your form the same way you see it on this screenshot. Notice this mail tag inside the form: [checkbox my-optin “Subscribe me your newsletter”]


Add this mail-tag [my-optin] to the settings of Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension as in the screenshot below:

ChimpMatic Lite API Key

Find your Mailchimp API here

Hit the Connect button to load your lists Learn More

MUST be an email tag Learn More

This may be sent as Name Learn More
Add the mail-tag [my-optin] under Advanced Settings in the Required Acceptance text fields:
Required Acceptance
Required Acceptance

After these steps have been done, save your form and run some tests.