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Connect Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp

This quick tutorial assumes you already know How to use Contact Form 7 and your Contact form 7 is already working in your WordPress web page.

Lets go ahead and connect your Contact Form 7 and Chimpmatic LITE. We will work with 2 specific TABS in the settings page:

1 – The FORM tab

This is the form tab, here you can add all the fields you need in your form. This specific form has 4 mail-tags:

[text* your-name], [email* your-email], [text your-subject]& [textarea your-message]


2 – Chimpmatic LITE tab

This is the Chimpmatic LITE tab, here you will need to map all your fields. As you can see in each dropdown you can choose the [mail-tags] that you wanna send to your mailing list:

ChimpMatic Lite API Key

Here you need to input your Mailchimp API key, and hit the button to fetch your lists:
Find your Mailchimp API here
Once you have fetched your lists, they will be ALL here. Now, you can choose a list that will store your subscribers information for this this specific form:

Hit the Connect button to load your lists Learn More
Only [email-tags] will be displayed here as options:

MUST be an email tag Learn More
You can leave this off or choose the mail-tag for NAME:

This may be sent as Name Learn More
If you need to add more fields, click on "Advanced Settings" and activate "Custom Fields":

Once you have your settings the way you need it, click on SAVE and test your form. All information from the fields above will be stored in your mailing list.

Problems or Issues: Enable the Debug Logger included inside the MailChimp Extension tab, and click SAVE. This will help you to record some issues you are experiencing with this particular form.