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Mailchimp Required Email

In this article, you’ll learn why you are missing an [email-tag] in the email dropdown and why [email-tag] is required my

In order to send visitors information to, your form needs at least 1 important field. This field is the [email-tag], if this info is missing from your submission, nothing will be added to your mailing list inside

To add a basic email field to your form you can copy and paste this snippet to your form: [email* your-email].

You can see this snippet in context here, this is the ‘Form Tab’ inside Contact Form 7:


Once you have added this tag to your form, you will see it available from ‘Subscriber Email: *|EMAIL|* Required‘ dropdown:

ChimpMatic Lite API Key

Find your Mailchimp API here

Hit the Connect button to load your lists Learn More
Only [email-tags] will be displayed here as options:

MUST be an email tag Learn More

This may be sent as Name Learn More
If you need to add more fields, click on "Advanced Settings" and activate "Custom Fields":

This is all you need to start collecting contact information to Mailchimp using Contact Form 7.

If you need help or have questions, please use our LIVE CHAT feature during office hours or send us an email here.